Dairy Solutions

At Kaeb Sales, we are dedicated to providing the best quality milking and cooling systems. From cluster, cooling equipment up to computer controlled milking; all our components are built to optimize the milking process. Our equipment for hygiene and cleaning ensures a spotless environment and the highest milk quality.

Robotic Milking Systems

On conventional dairy farms where milking is done twice a day now, production increases of 10 to 15% are can be realized by means of our milking robot.

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Conventional Parlor Systems
A new parlor is a true investment in your future. Our stall options are built to last and designed to promote the ultimate in cow comfort.
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Milk Cooling and Storage
We specialize in providing reliable and innovative high-performance cooling systems. Choose direct expansion milk cooling tanks, pre-cooling, instant refrigeration, heat recovery systems, mobile coolers, coolers for automatic milking systems and equipment for collection centers.
Barn Equipment
Feed Equipment