Kaeb Sales Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

We want to serve our customers to the best of our ability while maintaining our integrity by not making promises we cannot keep.

Business Vision

Kaeb Sales, Inc. supplies customers with quality and dependable equipment and service to help them achieve their goals in the production of food.  We want to earn their trust as a partner by listening to their interests and challenges and giving advice to help them to be as productive and efficient as possible.  Our target market is dairy producers in addition to waste management for the livestock industry.

Strategy Plan

  1. Kaeb Sales will continue to research and develop processes and equipment that helps minimize labor or otherwise increase productivity and efficiency.
  2. We will look for tools to improve both the harvesting of food as well as the disposal of refuse.
  3. We will push for the advancement of data information not only to determine the production efficiency of each animal, but also for food and environmental safety.
  4. As farms consolidate, Kaeb Sales will continue to follow its customers, which may mean expanding into new geographical areas.
  5. Kaeb Sales will strategically align itself with suppliers that will manufacture and support the growth of food production today and tomorrow.