Technology changes every day. In addition, the farming best practices are always updating. At Kaeb Sales, we make it our mission to keep up with the newest, innovative methods of dairy farming so that you can be confident you’re receiving the best. We utilize the industry’s most researched and supported equipment to automate your farming operations. This allows you to increase production, lower labor costs, and boost profits.

Agricultural automation allows you to:

Our team is here to guide you as you integrate automated systems into your dairy farm. Whether you are planning to completely automate every process or you are looking to simply upgrade one area of your operation, we will help you design a unique system that meets your needs. We sell and install research-supported equipment that guarantees higher production, greater hygiene, and better overall success for your farm. Call us today to learn more about automating your operations.

Creating Custom Systems for Milking & Manure Handling

With our automatic equipment, we will help you simplify and improve your milkingmanure handling, sanitizing, cleaning, feeding, and watering systems. We will listen closely to your unique needs and offer a customized solution that allows you easier, more effective farming operations.

Here are some of the automated systems that we offer for your farm:

With our innovative systems, we can implement PLCs to automate your equipment, custom-made controllers for your equipment, rotary controls, and wash controllers. Our team works with you to create a design that suits your farm, meets your needs, and improves your process.

Are you ready to take steps toward automating your farm? We’re here to guide you! Contact Kaeb Sales today to learn more.

Decreasing Stress & Increasing Success

Change can be difficult. We’re here to make the transition simple and effective! When you move toward automation on your farm, you are taking strides toward healthier herds, cleaner farms, simpler processes, and greater profits. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from progress. Kaeb Sales is here to lend a helping hand by installing and servicing the highest quality milking, manure handling, feeding, and sanitizing equipment on the market. Let’s get started today.

Call Kaeb Sales now to get started with automating your farm and seeing real improvements in your process.

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