Manure Handling

A successful dairy farm requires more than just milking equipment. At Kaeb Sales, our mission is to deliver a comprehensive solution for your entire farm. From feeding and watering to manure handling, we can assist you with every step along the way. We sell, install, and service manure handling equipment that simplifies your farming operations and ensures the success of your business.

Here’s how we can help with your manure handling:

Let’s work together to design a manure handling system that works for you. We will help you maintain a clean and healthy farm by installing the most effective manure removal, processing, and spreading equipment for your operations. Contact Kaeb Sales now to discover how our agricultural experience and services can increase productivity and efficiency while decreasing labor on your farm.

Full-Service Effective Manure Processing Systems

Manure handling is more than just ridding the ground of wastes. Instead, we implement full service systems that clear your barn, transport the wastes, process the manure, and spread it through the fields as needed.

We sell, install and service pumps, conveyors, separation equipment, spreaders, and more. We install systems that remove the manure from your barn, move it to reception pits, and send it to a digester to prepare for later spreading. Working with you, we will design and carry out a unique system that perfectly aligns with your individualized needs.

In addition, we provide the continued maintenance and repairs for your manure handling equipment so that you don’t have to worry about difficulties down the line. Our expert technicians will maintain your equipment so that you’ll never have to stress about a failure in your system.

Get in touch with Kaeb Sales today to start planning your customized manure handling system.

Working Together For An Easier Tomorrow

You rely on your farming equipment to ensure the productivity, profitability, and success of your farm. That’s why Kaeb Sales is here to ensure you’re receiving the most dependable equipment on the market. Whether you’re searching for milking equipment, manure handling equipment, hygiene supplies, or other agricultural systems, we are here to help you find the best solutions for you. You can depend on our team because we’re committed to your success.

Contact Kaeb Sales today to schedule services for your manure handling systems.

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